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About Us
We are a firm of tax consultants and business advisors based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We are one of Odisha's leading independent tax consultant firm. Our expertise extends across income tax, sales tax, central excise, service tax & new business startup advise. We have attracted a large number of business and personal clients over the years and built the Rashmi mohanty & associates brand on reputation, quality and service. Our mission is to ensure that our clients are cared for in a way that ensures that their goals are met, whether it be: income tax return, tax minimisation, wealth maximisation or appeal.
We like to be involved in your business throughout the financial year. We believe that we have a positive contribution to make to your success and make it our business to get to know you, your personal and business objectives and your operating style. The result is that your business benefits from lateral and creative thinking, combined with financial expertise and a wealth of experience in all matters relating to running a business.
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